Urban Dictionary Anagrams, ranked

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Sean Carney hat die Anagramme aus dem Urban Dictionary ermittelt und mit einem Algorithmus sortiert: How to Find Anagrams on Urban Dictionary. Ein paar Favs: „Ballistic Therapy — Reality Bitch Slap“, „asstrampoline — spermsational“, „emo pornstar — Parent’s Room — Porno Master“.

  1. classy ignorance — ScaryCongalines (15)
  2. Snickers slapper — sparkle princess (14)
  3. shapesturbating — straight up beans (14)
  4. euphoria glasses — sausage polisher (14)
  5. choad negligent — Cleaning the Dog (14)
  6. Exclamationship — mexican hospital (14)
  7. circle the drain — Technical Rider (14)
  8. Alphonse Elric — Polish Cleaner (13)
  9. Death Something — Mendota Heights (13)
  10. american english — Inhale Screaming (13)
  11. Ballistic Therapy — Reality Bitch Slap (13)
  12. To Pull a Chrissie — Tropical Slushie (13)
  13. asstrampoline — spermsational (13)
  14. Ghandi’s Toenails — shit and gasoline (13)
  15. Masonic Temple — special moment (13)

Unlike Webster’s Dictionary, the top scorers aren’t so obviously the clear winners. They’re funny sure, but anyone can realize that a great anagram needs more than just complexity. Great anagrams need to be recognizable and contain a certain amount of irony between the two words so that it’s funny that the two words could be so closely related. Still though, none of the anagrams above are bad by any stretch.

Some of my favorites that didn’t score as well:

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