Das frustrierendste Game aller Zeiten jetzt endlich mit Actionfigur mit Fackeln zum Schmeißen und allerlei Schnickschnack. Gibt's unter anderem hier und da und dort für hundert Dollar oder soundsoviel Yen.

Arthur from the classic 1985 Capcom videogame "Ghosts 'n Goblins" (known as "Makaimura" in Japan) gets a figure release from Union Creative! He's fully posable, and is about 4.75 inches (12cm tall); he's dressed in his iconic silver armor, although parts are included to display him in his strawberry-bedecked underpants if you like! He's also equipped with his lance, dagger, torch and axe; he also has an interchangeable face plate, an extra hand, and a horn for his helmet.