The Last Jedi-Preview

24.05.2017 Movies #StarWars

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Annie Leibovitz war am Set des kommenden Star Wars-Films und hat rumgeknipst. Den Shot von Luke und Leia unten möchte ich gerne als Print, zusammen mit einem Zitat aus Mark Twains The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Vielleicht diesem hier: „'Well, everybody does it that way, Huck.' – 'Tom, I am not everybody.'“

Working together on the new trilogy gave Hamill and Fisher a chance to rekindle their benignly rancorous brother-sister dynamic. Both were staying in London, commuting distance from Pinewood Studios, where most of the non-location scenes of Star Wars movies are filmed. They held a competition to see who could get to a million Twitter followers first. (Hamill won; “I told Carrie, ‘Part of your problem is you write in these impenetrable emojis.’ Her tweets looked like rebus puzzles.”)

And, being the ages they were, they discussed mortality. “We got to talking about one of our favorite scenes in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which is when Tom and Huck go to their own funeral, and they’re up in the balcony, hearing their own eulogies,” Hamill said. “So then I said, ‘Look, if I go first, just promise me you’ll heckle my funeral.’ And she went, ‘Absolutely, if you’ll do the same for me.’ ”