Neural Network dreams of riding a Train

Tolle Arbeit von Damien Henry: Ein Neural Network, ein sogenannter „prediction algorithm“, der Frames eines Videos „errät“, ausgehend vom jeweils vorherigen Bild, fährt mit der Huschhusch und träumt von den vorbeirauschenden Landschaften. „Graphics are 100% generated by an algorithm in one shot. No edit or post-processing.“

Wunderhübsches Projekt, und ich mag sehr, was Procedural Generation dazu schreibt:

I think we’re rushing through the tech for neural network artistic output: a year ago this would have been impossible, a year from now the cutting edge results will look quite different. There’s already some past results that are visually interesting but you have to dig up the code to recreate them, such as the early stylenet stuff. […]

The specific hallucinatory look of Damien Henry’s train journey is a unique product of this exact point on the neural network development curve. Future neural networks will likely be interesting in their own ways (and faster) but won’t be exactly the same. Together with the sensitivity to the training data, every neural network is unique in its artistic potential.