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LCD Soundsystem haben gestern sieben Jahre nach ihrer Irgendwie-kein-Bock-mehr-aber-irgendwie-auch-schon-noch-Auflösung die ersten beiden Comeback-Songs gepostet. Und einer davon, ein weiteres Anthem im Stil von „All my Friends“, ist nichts anderes als ein Song über unsere geile neue Zeit.

Spin mag den neuen LCD SoundZynismus nicht besonders:

It was easy to feel something from pseudo-“Heroes”-y LCD jams like this when Murphy’s ennui and angst was more equal-opportunity—back when he was fuming about dilettantes at parties and record stores that obliquely represented what was wrong with society, instead trying to stick it directly to society. The epic scale of the music felt cleverly oversized when pitted against Murphy’s petty, sometimes claustrophobic scenes. It’s hard to not want that guy at the party, and the party itself, over the brooding, Donnie-Darko-soundtrack backbeat and the troll-shaming. It’s even harder to not want to revisit that time in American hipsterdom when that type of snarkiness still felt commensurate with the times.

Man kann in diesem Absatz zwischen allen Zeilen die Sehnsucht nach der alten Zeit rauslesen, als die LCD SoundIrony noch etwas bedeutete. Aber ey, Spin: These days are over, call the police. James Murphy got it.

Needless to say, ich bin begeistert. This is nothing. This is nowhere. The air is thin. This is an anthem for a new age.

Hier die Lyrics (Hervorhebungen von mir), die B-Seite, und DasGeileNeueInternet live bei Saturday Night Live:

We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nothing
We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nothing
We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nothing
This is nowhere
We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nowhere
There is no one

It moves like a virus and enters our skin
The first sign divides us
, the second is moving to Berlin
But that's not the state I'm in
The air is thin but that's not the state

The old guys are frightened and frightening to behold
Their heads come out fighting and still doing what they're told
But you're waking a monster that will drive you from your orioles of gold
And your body will get cold

And we don't waste time with love
It's just death from above

Your head is on fire, your hands are getting weak
We all, we all get stupid in the heat

You've basted your brains with the shatter and defeat up on the street
And this is nowhere

The early years were boring
The quiet, unhappy punk
See mother was a cripple and my father was a drunk but gentle man
So we do the best we can

This is the plan
Wear your makeup like a man

'Cause we don't waste time with love
Yeah, we don't waste time with love
It's just a push and a shove

Well, there's a full-blown rebellion but you're easy to confuse
By triggered kids and fakers and some questionable views
Oh, call the cops, call the preachers!
Before they let us and they lose

When oh, we all start arguing the history of the Jews
You got nothing left to lose
Gives me the blues

And we don't waste time with love
And we don't waste time with love

So call the police
Yeah, call the police
Yeah, call the police
Yeah, call the police
Yeah, call the police
Yeah, call the police
Just chase the cops
Yeah, call the police
You're crazy, man
Yeah, call 'em up
Just call the police
The first in line
They're gonna eat the rich

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