Bunch of Kunst

Yo, AltRight-Trolls, our Ideas are better than yours.

At the moment you are winning and there is no doubt about that. But those successes are largely based not on skill, but on deception (and, to be fair, on our very own form of scientific partisanship. You may deny and critizise the deception-part and ofcourse deception-via-internet is its own skill, but you gotta admit it's at least partly true). And you should never underestimate the power of culture and art – and this skill is ours. Or was, up to this point.

However: Be afraid. You bought yourself a good amount of time now due to our own mistakes to develop, evolve and institutionalize, especially on the web, especially within online-subcultures. I recognize and accept that, but I will not tolerate you, at least not your extremist and radical fringe manifestations. You entered my territory with a cultural force that is indeed impressive – but it is nothing compared to the ability to abstract human behaviour and turn it into a true new culture, that you guys are doomed to copy, because your are by definition not progressive. This is exactly what has happened: The Hippies invented the Web (read a book, its true) and you (for now) understood the tools best.

You may be winning, maybe even for some time, and you surely are influencing mainstreamculture and dictate (webculture-)discourse at the moment and I do give you credit for that. But our Ideas are better than yours in the long run, I don't have the slightest doubt about that. Bring it.

Here's 5 Trailers for the Sleaford Mods-Documentary Bunch of Kunst: