Frog Face

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Mike Mitchell and the Saga of the Frog Face: „BREAKING: Trump Introduces us to His Newest Cabinet Member, a Frog Painted on His Face.“

„BREAKING: Frog Painted on His Mouth Announced He is Now in Complete Control of 'This Horrendous Meat Sack'.“

„BREAKING: After googling 'Donald Trump', President Frog Apologizes to 'Those Who Were Hurt by this Vile Host'. Promises To 'Do Better'.“

„BREAKING: President Frog Announces US Will Do 'Everything We Can' to Fight Climate Change. 'We Must Protect The Swamp, I Have Family There.'“

„BREAKING: President Frog Slays Press Conference With Well Rehearsed Weekend At Bernies Impression. Announces He Will Legalize Marijuana.“

„BREAKING: President Frog is @Time's Being of the Year. He told reporters 'I'm only doing what any frog painted on a man's face would do.'“

„BREAKING: At attempt was made on President Frog's life by a man armed with a water balloon. Authorities are searching for @mitchellvii.“

„BREAKING: President Frog's approval rating reaches record high after successfully passing Universal Healthcare. #Frogcare“

„BREAKING: President Frog demands investigation into recent police brutality. 'We must strive to do better, and mark my frog words, we will.'“

Da-DaDaDa-Dada-Da, Da-DaDaDa-Dada-Da, Antifa!

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Trump XTC

In Osnabrück haben sie 5000 Trump-XTCs beschlagnahmt, natürlich in orange-farbener Monokultur. Zum Vergleich (Bild unten): Die Obama-Pillen gab's in grün,…

Project Subway NYC

Schicke 3D-Visualisierungen und „X-Ray Are Maps“ der New Yorker U-Bahn-Stationen von Candy Chan. Prints gibt's im Shop, leider alle mit…

Bullshit-Collages made from failed Startup Pitches

Love these Bullshit-Collages made from Failed Startup-Slides by Jenny Odell plus some Failed Startup Poetry by Joe Veix: The Findings…

Spicer Out-GIF

„White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned […] the New York Times reported. The White House communications staff were meeting…

Alex Ross does Universal Monsters

Comic-Cover-Legende Alex Ross zeichnet die Universal Monster. Limitierte Prints davon gibt's für zuviel Geld auf der ComicCon. ‘Classic Universal Monsters’…


#BosbachLeavingThings (hier als freigestelltes PNG von Shahak Shapira, Pics via DanielPloetz, Gerald Hensel‏, ELGEEKAY‏, Der Gazetteur, Little Miss Bang‏ ,…

Gollum reads Trump-Tweets

One of my favorite Trump-Parodies is the Twitter-Feed of Gollum J. Trump. It does exactly what you think it does…

Memetische Verantwortlichkeiten des Journalismus am Beispiel von CNN und G20

Letzte Woche trugen sich zwei relativ vielbeachtete Ereignisse zu, an denen sehr deutlich wird, wie die memetischen Bedingungen des Netzes…

Abandoned Popculture-Megastructures

Lovely renderings by Filip Hodas (Instagram, Behance, Prints at Society6). I especially dig the giant Pacman-Wrecking-Ball and the abandoned Bender-Head.

Modern Presidential Bodyslam

Ich hatte ja gestern nacht schon meinen Spaß mit Modern Presidential, aber jetzt hat der Typ tatsächlich in seiner Rolle…