Frog Face

Mike Mitchell and the Saga of the Frog Face: „BREAKING: Trump Introduces us to His Newest Cabinet Member, a Frog Painted on His Face.“

„BREAKING: Frog Painted on His Mouth Announced He is Now in Complete Control of 'This Horrendous Meat Sack'.“

„BREAKING: After googling 'Donald Trump', President Frog Apologizes to 'Those Who Were Hurt by this Vile Host'. Promises To 'Do Better'.“

„BREAKING: President Frog Announces US Will Do 'Everything We Can' to Fight Climate Change. 'We Must Protect The Swamp, I Have Family There.'“

„BREAKING: President Frog Slays Press Conference With Well Rehearsed Weekend At Bernies Impression. Announces He Will Legalize Marijuana.“

„BREAKING: President Frog is @Time's Being of the Year. He told reporters 'I'm only doing what any frog painted on a man's face would do.'“

„BREAKING: At attempt was made on President Frog's life by a man armed with a water balloon. Authorities are searching for @mitchellvii.“

„BREAKING: President Frog's approval rating reaches record high after successfully passing Universal Healthcare. #Frogcare“

„BREAKING: President Frog demands investigation into recent police brutality. 'We must strive to do better, and mark my frog words, we will.'“