LPsLPsLPs: I shouldn't write Blackest Black into the headline just because this is a fine selection of Post-Punk and Wave-Albums, that would be clickbait – but then again, that would reflect the darkness, despair and disenchatment these records transport (besides other things), so I guess that's legit.

22.04.2017 Music #NC-Tracks

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Dicker Postpunk aus Berlin: Tier / So geht die Geschichte EP by Gewalt

Von Inseln Split EP by Gewalt

Gewalt – Von Inseln

Rock des Todes aus Berlin: Antagonism by Bleib Modern

LoFi-Plastikwavepunk circa Devo: 6 Vitamins by Wonder Bread (weiter unten mehr von Wonder Bread)

Chiptunes-Metal sure why not: C​:​\​>EDIT CONFIG​.​SYS by MASTER BOOT RECORD

Electronica aus Edinburgh: World Eater by Blanck Mass

Dreckiger Postpunk aus Berlin: 7" by HYÄNE

Electropunk aus Los Angeles: JAN.1 EP by GIRL PUSHER

Oz Waves - a collection of 80s DIY recordings, compiled by odd wave anthropologist Steele Bonus.“

Postpunk aus Wales: Votive Offering by ARTEFACT

Death Rock aus Atlanta: Return of The Empire by Horror Vacui

Industrial-Pop oder so aus Brooklyn: LAMC # 17 by Damaged Bug / Black Pus

Wavepop aus Kanada: Meet You by Century Palm

Noch mehr Electropunk, diesmal aus San Diago: Digital Leather 12" / tIt 12" / the Hussy 7" / Cave Curse 7" 4-pack by digital leather, the hussy, tit, cave curse

Psychedelic Post-Rock: Buried Wish by PC Worship

Großartiger Postpunk aus der Bay Area: ETT - 046 - MARBLED EYE - "EP 2" by MARBLED EYE

Synth-Wave aus Virginia, der erste Track isn Knaller: Who Covers Who, Volume II by TBTCI

Experimentelle Electronica aus New York: All The Way by GROWING

„Corporate Anthems for the Discerning Consumer“: Finger Foods Vol.1 by Discontinuous Innovation Inc

Postpunk-Bands covern die Ramones: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, A Ramones Reverence by TBTCI

Post-Rock aus Baltimore: Strange Times People Band by Strange Times People Band

Just for a Life, A Homage to Slowdive by TBTCI

Fetter Synthpunk aus Melbourne: Spotting S/T EP by Spotting

Drone-Ambient aus New York: Misogyny Stone by Horoscope

Noch mehr Drone-Ambient: Volume Uno by Stromboli

Weirde DJ-Tools 1986 oder sowas: Vandalaze - Body Slime

Single Slice Vol 1. by Wonder Bread

Single Slice Vol. 2 by Wonder Bread

Single Slice Vol. 3 by Wonder Bread

Single Slice Vol. 4 by Wonder Bread