LPsLPsLPs: Knallgelblila Flummi-Dotzbälle für alle!

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Wunderbare Retro-Synth-Vigneten (ganze 35 Tracks davon, für lau, die meisten davon total geil): Resting State by HOME

John Talabot und Axel Boman: The Night Land by Talaboman

Return To The 37th Chamber by El Michels Affair: „In addition to re-interpreting the Wu compositions for a live band, [El Michels Affair] pays homage to the production and sonic fog that makes a RZA beat so recognizable. Producer and bandleader Leon Michels recorded the album completely analog, sometimes hitting 6 generations of tape before it was ready for mixing, giving the Return to The 37th Chamber it’s own hazy sound. Adding to the unique fidelity, the record is laced with psychedelic flourishes, 'John Carpenter' synths, heavy metal guitars, triumphant horns, and traditional Chinese instruments that make up for the lack of the Wu’s superlative vocals. From start to finish it’s a dark trip that walks the line between RZA’s timeless hip-hop aesthetic and the cinematic soul EMA has become known for.“

Experimentelle Electronica aus Japan: Light Sleep by Phew

Großartige Mixtapes von chris†††:

Experimenteller LoFi-Pop aus Washington: Go Where You Wanna Go EP by Lost Integrity

Die Los Campesinos! mit neuem Highspeed-Zuckerwerk: Sick Scenes by Los Campesinos!

Laidback Rockpop aus Los Angeles: The Dream by Tashaki Miyaki

Grooves aus Schweden: Digging A Tunnel by sir Was

Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle by John McBain

„A sole rocketeer lives through her daily routine on a solo crewed space station orbiting a red dwarf star. One sol, the station is hit by a magnetic storm carrying a signal. The transmission provokes the decision to leave the station and start a journey into the unknown, looking for answers on the past, present and future of the species“: The Signal (DATA061) by Wojciech Golczewski

Relay_Sat_01 (DATA065) by Wojciech Golczewski

Anscheinend sowas wie Screamo-Vaporwave, irre: Drip Mental by Fire-Toolz

Weird LoFi-Vaporwave, oder sowas: Walkman Pleasure by Beloved Womans Milk

Experimenteller Ambient-Pop: A Pink Sunset For No One by Noveller

Toller Soul aus Berlin: Ever since the fall EP by Olivier St. Louis

boi bizkit by SOB DYLAN

Beautiful Strangers b/w No Place To Fall by Kevin Morby

Laidback DIY-Pop aus Greenville: Calling Daddy Anarchist by Dr. Paul

„Diet Cig are here to have fun. They’re here to tear you away from the soul-sucking sanctity of your dumpster-fire life and replace it with pop-blessed punk jams about navigating the impending doom of adulthood when all you want is to have ice-cream on your birthday“: Swear I'm Good At This by Diet Cig:

Klassischer Folk von Singer/Songwriter Jessica Hoop: Memories Are Now

New Lore by Sean Rowe:

Zuckersüßer Garagenrock aus New York: Guppy by Charly Bliss

DIY-Jazzpop aus Greenville: Quiet Fill by Ben Varian

Experimenteller LoFi-Pop: May by Anna

Indie-Pop aus San Francisco: Infinite Worlds by Vagabon

Themes For Dying Earth by Teen Daze

LPsLPsLPs: I shouldn't write Blackest Black into the headline just because this is a fine selection of Post-Punk and Wave-Albums, that would be clickbait – but then again, that would reflect the darkness, despair and disenchatment these records transport (besides other things), so I guess that's legit.

Dicker Postpunk aus Berlin: Tier / So geht die Geschichte EP by Gewalt Tier / So geht die Geschichte EP…

4 neue Gorillaz-Songs (plus: 5 Videos, 360°-Clip)

Die Gorillaz haben Videos zu den ersten vier Tracks aus ihrem neuen Album Humanz (VÖ 28. April) online gestellt. Insgesamt…

Annotated OK Computer

Neue Folge von Pitchforks Liner Notes über eins der besten, vielleicht sogar trotz Nevermind wahrscheinlich auch das beste Album der…

LPsLPsLPs: Gloriose Bretter für mehr Nasenbluten™

Großartiger Electro-Punk aus Chicago mit jeder Menge Brett: demo by Droids Blood demo by Droids Blood Geiler Grrrrl-Punk mit fettem…

Pink Floyds The Wall-Paintings for sale

In San Francisco kommen demnächst die Original-Gemälde rund um Pink Floyds The Wall unter den Hammer. Neben den Gemälden, die…

Annotated Banana: The Velvet Underground & Nico in 4 Minutes

Neue Folge von Pitchforks Liner Notes über das vielleicht wichtigste Album der 60s: „When it was released in 1967, few…

Pissed Jeans – Why Love Now (Albumstream)

Das neue Pissed Jeans-Album Why Love Now im Stream, erscheint nächste Woche auf SubPop. Tritt mächtig. Stream geklaut aus diesem…

LPsLPsLPs \\ Blackest Black is electronic industrialized Goth Wave Black

Bandcamp spendet heute 100% ihres Gewinns an die ACLU und der Aktion haben sich mittlerweile über 200 Labels und Musiker…

LPsLPsLPs \\ Lautgespielter Krach hilft in allen Lebenslagen besonders bei den komplizierten. (Isso.)

Bandcamp spendet heute 100% ihres Gewinns an die ACLU und der Aktion haben sich mittlerweile über 200 Labels und Musiker…

LPsLPsLPs \\ Karamellsahnebonbons und anders buntes Zuckerwerk zur Beruhigung blankliegender Nerven

Bandcamp spendet heute 100% ihres Gewinns an die ACLU und der Aktion haben sich mittlerweile über 200 Labels und Musiker…