This Robotic Loop is a representation of Everything

20.04.2017 Fun Tech #Robots

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Imgur-Commentor lemooh sez „That's an accurate representation of my bills and my paycheck except that the train is on fire, the robot is on fire, & the track is on fire“ and while I would not say he's wrong about that I would like to add a few lines of perspective to this gentlemans burning fiscals.

This „Robotic Loop“ is a quite accurate representation of whole western capitalist society as depicted in Charlie Chaplins Modern Times or by the Robot in Metropolis, the Machine as oppressor but also provider of structure, which when destroyed makes things go awry while you're free to look beneath the path. But when played smoothly, the machine generates an endless loop of fine traveling and no surprises, just like in this GIF.

Also, this never ending loop of Travel ofcourse represents life where the machine is the universe and existence itself which keeps on spitting out roads for us to travel and we keep on going, trying to figure out how the machine is working exactly and who or what put it there in the first place. Which makes this a pretty good GIF if you ask me. (Downsized Version right, full thing below.)

Robotic Loop