Kurzdoku: The Moderators

20minütige Kurz-Doku von Adrian Chen und Ciaran Cassidy für Field of Vision über Bewerber für den Job als Nippel-Identifikator bei Social Media-Plattformen. Adrian Chen hatte vor ein paar Jahren die Debatte um die Arbeitsbedingungen von Social Media Moderatoren mit seinem Text „The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed“ auf Wired angestoßen und im Januar diesen Jahres beim New Yorker schrieb er im New Yorker über „The human toll of protecting the internet from the worst of humanity“.

In their short documentary The Moderators, filmmakers Adrian Chen and Ciaran Cassidy go inside an Indian firm doing that work, capturing a week-long training session for new employees. Their film […] centers on a group of young Indians starting their first jobs for Bangalore-based Foiwe Info Global Solutions, whose clients include a handful of dating sites in the US, Europe, and India. They’re told their mind-numbing quota: filtering 2,000 photos an hour. Over five days in a sterile office, they learn to recognize and moderate increasingly unnerving examples of forbidden online imagery, starting with nudity and culminating in child pornography and what seems to be graphic bodily harm—a kind of real-life, South Asian Clockwork Orange for the social media age.