Gaslamp Killer in Kubricks 2001-Bedroom

Designer Simon Birch und Architekt Paul Kember haben das Schlafzimmer aus Kubricks 2001 nachgebaut und einer der ersten Besucher war niemand geringeres als der unvergleichliche Gaslamp Killer. Zwei Onkel von Kember hatten als Bühnenarbeiter für den Film genau dieses Schlafzimmer gebaut:

Here’s why this is so dope. Kubrick was notoriously cagey with his work. Once he finished a film, most of the elements that went into creating it (sets, costumes, props, storyboards, etc.) were promptly destroyed. Birch dreamt of recreating the room for the exhibition, but he had no set designs off of which to work; According to the South China Morning Post, Birch showed the project’s architect, a guy named Paul Kember, a series of stills from the film hoping he’d be able to recreate it. Then Paul goes, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Oh, Si, didn’t I tell you? My uncle and great-uncle—you know, Tony and John?—were draughtsman on that movie, and they literally—literally!—worked on that exact room! Isn’t that bonkers?!”

Der Raum ist Teil der Ausstellung 14th Factory, die auf Joseph Campbells Heldenreise.