Trailerfest: Dave Chapelle: The Age of Spin, Prevenge, Tonight She Comes, Monolith, Interchange, Unicorn Wars, Game of Death, Let The Corpses Tan, Valley of Ditches

21.03.2017 Movies #Trailer

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Nochmal 'ne dicke Packung Trailer, gleich erstmal ein neuer zu Dave Chapelles Comedy-Specials auf Netflix. (Die streamen bereits, ich hab allerdings noch nicht reingesehen, dürfte aber Knaller werden, weil is' Chapelle.)

Außerdem Clips zum Preg-Slasher Prevenge, zum billig aber immer noch toll aussehenden Tonight She Comes, zum Auto-Horror Monolith, zum malaysischen Fantasy-Grusel Interchange, zum Animations-Film Unicorn Wars, zu den Horror-Schlocks Game of Death und Valley of Ditches, sowie ein erster Mini-Teaser zum neuen Film von Bruno Forzani und Helene Cattet, Let The Corpses Tan (Laissez Bronzer Les Cadavres), die sich mit Amer und The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears auf Retro-Giallo spezialisierten und jetzt einen auf Italo-Western machen.

Dave Chapelle: The Age of Spin

He's back. And with plenty on his mind. Dave Chappelle returns with two stand-up specials from his personal comedy vault that are now streaming on Netflix.


Let The Corpses Tan (Laissez Bronzer Les Cadavres)

The Mediterranean summer: blue sea, blazing sun….and 250 kg of gold stolen by Rhino and his gang! They had found the perfect hideout: an abandoned and remote hamlet now taken over by a woman artist in search for inspiration. Unfortunately surprise guests and two cops compromise their plan: the heavenly place where wild happenings and orgies used to take place turns into a gruesome battlefield….Relentless and mindblowing.


Ruth is seven months pregnant when, believing herself to be guided by her unborn baby, she embarks on a homicidal rampage, dispatching anyone who stands in her way.

Tonight She Comes

After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST ALL DIE.


A mother and her son plan a surprise visit to Los Angeles to see her husband/his father. Halfway there they get into a terrible accident in the middle of nowhere and now must fight to survive.


A forensics photographer lured into a world of shamans and mystic creatures while helping his detective friend investigate a series of macabre murders.

Unicorn Wars

Teddy bears and unicorns have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. Private Bluet craves unicorn blood because it confers eternal beauty, according to the prophecy in the new religion’s sacred book. His brother, Tubby, is not cut out for war. He lacks confidence and is an emotional eater. All he wants is for his brother to love him. A teddy bear regiment leaves the training camp for a mission that will end in a brutal and disastrous final battle.

Game of Death

In the vein of Battle Royale, Cabin in the Woods, Belko Experiment, and most notably Beyond the Gates, Laurence “Baz” Morais and Sebastien Landry’s Game of Death looks to take board game horror to an entirely new level.

Set to have its world premiere at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Game of Death takes place in the middle of small-town nowhere where seven friends are forced to kill or be killed when they play the “Game of Death”. When faced with their own mortality, will they turn on each other to survive?

Valley of Ditches

Left for dead in an open grave, Emilia struggles to keep both her life and her sanity.