SXSW Torrent 2017

Jedes Jahr stellt das SXSW-Festival Songs und Tracks der dort auftretenden Künstler online und wie jedes Jahr gibt es die komplette Mucke als (inoffizielles) Torrent: „These torrents include tracks that can be previewed on the SXSW website for SXSW 2017. This year's includes 1,201 files totaling 7.86GB. Note that the filenames and ID3 tags were updated to properly reflect the artist names, song titles and genres. New this year are genres as provided by the artist pages on the SXSW website.“

Auch schön vom SXSW: Bruce Sterlings alljährliche Closing Note: The Future: History that Hasn’t Happened Yet.

Bruce Sterling - author, journalist, editor, critic, theorist, futurist, and blogger – rattles the future’s bones in his annual SXSW rant. He’s the legendary Cyberpunk Guru. He roams our postmodern planet, from the polychrome tinsel of Los Angeles to the chicken-fried cyberculture of Austin… From the heretical Communist slums of gritty Belgrade to the Gothic industrial castles of artsy Torino… always whipping that slider-bar between the unthinkable and the unimaginable.