Reservoir Dogs – The Game

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Count me in: ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Video Game Will Let You Cause Bloody Mayhem As Mr. White and Quentin Tarantino’s Entire Gang. Leider wohl ohne Tanzeinlagen vor Ohr-Separationen, dafür aber mit minutiös planbaren Überfällen und ich kann mir mal wieder eins meiner Alltime-Lieblingsposter ins Blog kleben.

Lionsgate and Big Star Games have announced that the shooter video game “Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days” will launch this spring, first on Steam (PC) and then Xbox One later this year.

The video game version of “Reservoir Dogs” lets players take on the role of Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and Mr. White as they embark on several bloody heists based on the movie. A “Time Back” gameplay feature lets users rewind the clock to have a chance to control every character’s tactical move for each heist. That means you get to carry out a single heist and be all six of Tarantino’s gun-touting criminals (because, frankly, it’d be impossible just to choose one).

“As huge fans of ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ we’re very focused on creating a highly addictive experience that stays true to the tense, dramatic vibe of this unforgettable movie,” said Big Star Games CEO Liam Patton in an official statement. “By taking control of different characters for overlapping bursts of time, players must utilize the strengths of each squad member to carry out the game’s missions, with every move and shot creating a butterfly effect on the overall outcome.”

Has Reservoir Dogs Aged Well?

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