Pink Floyds The Wall-Paintings for sale

In San Francisco kommen demnächst die Original-Gemälde rund um Pink Floyds The Wall unter den Hammer. Neben den Gemälden, die spätestens durch den Film weltbekannt wurden, versteigern sie auch ein riesiges, zweieinhalb Meter breites Storyboard. Und in New York kann man ihr Mischpult kaufen, das sie zur Aufnahme von Dark Side of the Moon benutzten, interessiert mich aber nur so mittel. Für die Malereien vom Lehrer, des Schreis und „The Gross Inflatable Pig“ wäre ich ja zu haben, wird aber teuer.

Epic in scale and steeped in Rock history, these original works of art are marquis collectibles for major individual, corporate and institutional collectors. Due to the extensive distribution of the imagery via album, live-performances, music-videos, and the film (along with the accompanying publicity), the artwork offered is among the most instantly recognizable and significant in pop culture. […]

The paintings now being offered have been carefully selected by the artist, Gerald Scarfe as his most important works, and include several of the most famous images in Rock history due to their association with The Wall. Iconic artworks such as The Scream, Giant Judge & Hammers (shown below), The Mother, and The Teacher are available, along with several other blockbuster pieces including the massive original storyboard created for the film which incorporates 50 original renderings (measuring overall, a whopping 8' x 3').