Shame is Strenght, Guilt is good, Blame is beautiful!

Neues aus dem fiktiven 70s-Weirdo-Kaff Scarfolk: Life is Easier With Guilt, eine Kampagne der Stadtverordnetenversammlung zur positiven Umdeutung der Schuld und zur Bekämpfung der Diskriminierung von Schuldigen, deren Untaten bislang verborgen blieben oder zum Zeitpunkt des Verbrechens sogar legal waren.

Shame is Strenght, Guilt is good, Blame is beautiful! – Wie aus'm 4chan-Handbook für Hardcore-Trolle.

Scarfolk Council auf Nerdcore: Scarfolk – The Book, Weird Sound-FX-Vinyls, Forensic Litter Collection, Medical Star Wars Merch is totally legit.

In 1972, Scarfolk Council decided that the "presumption of innocence before being proven guilty" was a bit too presumptuous. A council spokesperson said that "such legal bureaucracy completely ignores the rights of guilty people who want to be legally recognised as guilty but have either committed a crime that has unfortunately gone undetected, or are, through no fault of their own, awaiting trials which could take many months, even years to rightfully establish their guilt.

The spokesman also pointed out that people may be guilty of actions that are not yet considered crimes and underlined the importance of recognising these people’s culpability to ensure peace of mind.

In the spring of 1973, the government's propaganda department launched a campaign that promoted guilt as a desirable attribute. It was so successful that many people feared they might not be guilty enough and committed horrific crimes to nurture in themselves feelings of self-worth and wellbeing. The campaign featured a policeman whose nickname was "PC Fang". Allegedly, he had the ability to instil a deep sense of guilt in even the most innocent citizens. Some say he achieved this by using supernatural powers; others say he used a hammer.