Media-Company owns Fake-News-Sites for every Bias

Die logische Konsequenz aus Outrage-Memetik, Clickbait und Fake-News: Liberal Society und Conservative 101 sind zwei Media-Websites für Fake-News und gehören zum jeweils anderen Ende des politischen Hyperbole-Spektrums und beide gehören derselben Firma: This Is How Your Hyperpartisan Political News Gets Made– BuzzFeed News traced a group of liberal and conservative websites back to the same company: „The product they’re pitching is outrage“.

Link-Farming war mal vor hundert Jahren eine Methode von Black Hat SEOs, um Klicks und Werbegelder abzugreifen. Jetzt sind es also Fake-Headlines, optimiert für Emo-Triggering entlang des kompletten politischen Spektrums.

Und wenn man bedenkt, dass gleich ein paar Fake-News-Websites von Leuten betrieben wurden, die im Berater-Umfeld von Trump agieren, könnte man hier fast schon von einem Fake-News-Industrial-Komplex sprechen.

The websites Liberal Society and Conservative 101 appear to be total opposites. The former publishes headlines such as “WOW, Sanders Just Brutally EVISCERATED Trump On Live TV. Trump Is Fuming.” Its conservative counterpart has stories like “Nancy Pelosi Just Had Mental Breakdown On Stage And Made Craziest Statement Of Her Career.”

So it was a surprise last Wednesday when they published stories that were almost exactly the same, save for a few notable word changes.

After CNN reported White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was “sidelined from television appearances,” both sites whipped up a post — and outrage — for their respective audiences. The resulting stories read like bizarro-world versions of each other — two articles with nearly identical words and tweets optimized for opposing filter bubbles. The similarity of the articles also provided a key clue BuzzFeed News followed to reveal a more striking truth: These for-the-cause sites that appeal to hardcore partisans are in fact owned by the same Florida company. […]

“Are you glad to see Conway gone?” asked Liberal Society at the end of its post.
“Will you miss seeing Conway on TV?” asked Conservative 101.

The stories read like they were stamped out of the same content machine because they were. Using domain registration records and Google Analytics and AdSense IDs, BuzzFeed News determined that both sites are owned by American News LLC of Miami.