Chart of human Motive

Schöner Graph aus einem neuen Paper, das eine vollständige Klassifikation aller menschlichen Motivationen vorlegt. Ich bin sowas von Y4 (Avoidance Motives) mit Ausflügen nach Y3 (Self Actualize) mit nem großen Ausschlag bei X7 im nächsten Level (Avoid Hassle), X4 (Self-fulfill), W6-8 (Wisdom, Self-knowledte, Appreciating Beatuy) und noch ein paar mehr.

an empirically and theoretically structured hierarchical taxonomy of 161 motives gleaned from a literature review from McDougall to the present and based on the cluster analysis of similarity judgments among these 161 motives, a broader sampling of motives than previous work. At the broadest level were: Meaning, Communion, and Agency. These divided into nine clusters: Morality & Virtue, Religion & Spirituality, Self-Actualization, Avoidance, Social Relating, Family, Health, Mastery & Competence, and Financial & Occupational Success. Each divided into more concrete clusters to form 5 levels.