Stupid Hacks from Stupid Hackathon Sweden

20.02.2017 Fun Tech #Coding #DIY

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Vor ein paar Tagen ging der Stupid Hackathon Schweden zu Ende, hier eine Liste aller dort realisierten Projekte.

Spontan mein Favorite: Panic Room, „A slightly sadistic VR app for two people, one is inside a room which the other controls using a physical box.“

Auch super und wahrscheinlich sogar ziemlich brauchbar, auf so 'ne dumme Art: Everything is calm, a „Chrome Extension that invisibly lowers the volume of YouTube videos over time, until the last twenty seconds when it blasts back at max, hopefully after the user has continuously increased the volume on their external unit to compensate for it being 'too low'.“

Auch hübsch: Chat Roulette Kastanjett, „The chat website for people who are looking for people who like to talk morse code with kastanjetter (castanets). Website + electrified kastanjetter morse code keyboard prototype.“

Oder Probe, „Activity tracker and diagnostics platform based on data collected from your butt.“

Probe is not just an activity tracker. Probe motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity levels and energy consumption with one simple measurement: temperature. But what makes the Probe plan so unique is our extensive diagnostics kit! Probe displays real time and historical temperature data which allows you to monitor fluctuations and quickly react to anomalies, as temperature is a key indicator of health. But more importantly, Probe is an extra life insurance. We can say that with certainty as we'll even call you an ambulance if we detect an emergency!

Gewonnen hat der „Electric Man“, eine Vorrichtung für „Behaviour improvement“, die per Facerecognition Elektroschocks an unliebsame Leute verteilt, die einem zu nahe kommen.

Gefällt mir nochmal eine Spur besser: P2 TYSTNAD sammelt Momente der Stille mit Rascheln oder Hintergrund-Sounds im schwedischen Radio: „The most beautiful sound is the silence in between other stuff on Sveriges Radio P2. This machine packages this silence for easy enjoyment.“

Der iTrump liest Golden Boys' Tweets mit 'nem Twist: „Trump, on a BillyBass like trophy head, reads out his own tweets, with a few minor changes, example Mexico = Narnia, Imigrants = Picachu.“

Oder der Image Size Slayer, der die Bildgröße dadurch verkleinert, nicht in dem er das Bild irgendwie komprimiert oder sowas, sondern in dem er andere, motivgleiche Bilder sucht: „Reduce file size of images (e.g. so that you can send them to your grandmother who is not on a modern connection) by returning a smaller, similar image instead of the original.“