Where Slang Comes From

15.02.2017 Kultur #Language

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Schönes Posting von Matt Daniels über 2016er Slang: Where Slang Comes From – Emerging slang, identified by searches for words’ definitions. Das letzte Slang-Bit, das ich auf meinen Abenteuern in Trolltwitterland gelernt habe ist Zinker, wobei mir die Bedeutung nich so ganz klar is, aber ich bin auch Ü40, ich muss sowas nicht mehr wissen.

Identifying these moments is fascinating: the tipping point for when slang reaches the masses. If 2015 was the year of “Netflix and chill” and 2014 was “on fleek,” what slang tipped in 2016? Using Google searches for words’ definitions, I examined slang that was once rarely searched but is now relatively popular. Here’s what blew up last year:

By “searches for a word’s definition” I mean a search for [word] + “define”, “dictionary”, or “definition.” This list excludes proper nouns and acronyms (full list here if you’d like to battle linguistics). To remove words attached to the news cycle, I filtered for terms that consistently rose in popularity throughout the year (which excludes terms such as “electoral college,” which spiked suddenly in November).

Hier noch ein paar schicke Visualisierungen von Googletrends: