The Thing-Soundtrack remastered auf „Eis“-Vinyl

Ich bin bei Horror-Soundtracks auf Vinyl ein bisschen raus, aber der hier wäre eine Überlegung wert (wenn er nicht bereits ausverkauft wäre und in ein paar Wochen dann garantiert sauteuer auf Ebay aufpoppt): Waxworks hat Ennio Morricones Soundtrack zu John Carpenters The Thing remastert und bringt den in ’nem schicken Packaging auf „Eis“-Vinyl.

[update] Das Label hat für morgen (15.2.) eine weitere Pre-Order-Runde und ein zweites Pressing später im Jahr angesetzt: „A pre-order for JOHN CARPENTER'S THE THING will be available tomorrow 2/15 for anyone that missed out yesterday. [@] For anyone that missed out on purchasing THE THING vinyl soundtrack today, don't worry. There is a repress coming later this year. [@]“

Waxwork Records worked for two years to ensure that such a highly anticipated and sought after vinyl soundtrack re-issue would meet and exceed expectations of the biggest fan of John Carpenter and his sci-fi / horror tour de force that is THE THING.

Features include the complete Ennio Morricone soundtrack re-mastered from the original master tapes, your choice of two different 180 gram colored vinyl variants, all new artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, deluxe heavyweight packaging including satin coated old-style gatefold jackets with UV spot-gloss varnish, an 11” x 22” poster, a custom hand assembled breakaway “ice” slipcase with 100% overall UV gloss coating, and an exclusive interview with director John Carpenter.