Floppy Foo Fighters

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floppyPaweł Zadrożniaks Floppotron auf Nerdcore:
64 Floppy Drives spielen Last Christmas
64 Floppy Drives spielen Game of Thrones
64 Floppy Drives play Smells Like Teen Spirit

Mehr Retrotechmucke auf NC:
Fettes Brot feat. Böhmermann play old Hardware
Floppy Drive Orgel
Marc Almond sings Tainted Love on old Hardware
Curiosity sings Happy Birthday on Mars
Old Hardware-Junk plays Bob Dylan
Ghostbusters on 8 Floppy-Drives
Old Hardware plays House of the Rising Sun
Radiohead and 394 Floppys playing the Imperial March
Alter Computerschrott spielt Queens „Bohemian Rhapsody“
Flachbettscanner spielt das Imperial Theme
Hardwareschrott spielt Funkytown
Eine Floppy spielt den „Imperial March“
Alter Computerschrott spielt Radioheads „Nude“ – echt jetz!

The HiFi-Book, 1981

Marc Fischer sammelt in seinem hervorragenden Public Collectors-Tumblr Bilder aus alten HiFi-Katalogen von 1979/1981: „From The Hifi Book, a catalog…

White Trash Washing Machine Journey

Hold on to that feeling! (via Jason Kottke)

Pirate Radios play Fuck Donald Trump in a Loop 🤘

So much to love ❤️ Consequence of Sound: Seattle pirate radio station is playing “Fuck Donald Trump” on repeat 🤘…

Pigeons sing Queen and David Bowies Under Pressure

A comic of greatness by ProfessorBees. (via MeFi)

Magical Realism Allstar

Und Trump singt mit so: Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool…

No WiFi, No Writing, No Higher Brain-Functions, No Matter, No Time

via ‏@carric0che

The Drums in the middle

Von nun ab werde ich jede Woche montags früh, dann wann es jeder erwartet, ein Stück Kickass posten, jeden Tag…

Portal on an Apple II

Portal ported to an AppleII in Basic. Not bad. (via MeFi) This is about an Apple II version of Portal,…

Flat All Star in C

Pls someone do this to every song on earth nao: 'All Star' by Smash Mouth, but all notes are in…


Schöne Experimente mit Video-Rendering in C64-PETSCII vom Chiptunes-Label DataDoor: