Blue Jet Lightnings confirmed


2015 schoss ESA-Astronaut Andreas Mogensen auf der ISS Videos von Gewitterwolken und hielt in denen zum ersten mal sogenannte Blue Jets fest, Blitze die wie aus einer Düse in 20-50 Kilometern Höhe durch die Stratosphäre ins All schießen. Das Paper haben sie nun veröffentlicht, ganz unten das Original-Video, auf dem man die Blue Jets allerdings kaum ausmachen kann.

Die ESA hat allerdings ein nettes SloMo-GIF getwittert und auf denen sieht man ganz genau: Die mysteriösen Blue Jets sehen voll nach Planeten-Electro-Furz aus und sie leuchten blau I'm sorry I'm 12.


ESA: Blue Jets studies from Space Station, Discover Mag: Elusive Blue Lightning Filmed Dancing Above a Thunderstorm

For years, their existence has been debated: elusive electrical discharges in the upper atmosphere that sport names such as red sprites, blue jets, pixies and elves. Reported by pilots, they are difficult to study as they occur above thunderstorms.

ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen during his mission on the International Space Station in 2015 was asked to take pictures over thunderstorms with the most sensitive camera on the orbiting outpost to look for these brief features.

Denmark’s National Space Institute has now published the results, confirming many kilometre-wide blue flashes around 18 km altitude, including a pulsating blue jet reaching 40 km. A video recorded by Andreas as he flew over the Bay of Bengal at 28 800 km/h on the Station shows the electrical phenomena clearly – a first of its kind.