Punch-A-Nazi-Debatte Wolfenstein-Mod


Ramsey Nasser mit einem Mod des Nazi-Shooters Wolfenstein namens Dialogue 3D als Kommentar auf die Punch-A-Nazi-Debatte: Someone Modded 'Wolfenstein 3D' to Ask If Violence Against Nazis Is OK.

dialogue"Has violent resistance ever solved anything?" it asks, along with a Yes or No option. The Nazi, by the way, is still pumping bullets into me. Thinking of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, I hesitantly click "yes." I fire off another shot at the Nazi, but then there was another popup:

"Wait, wait, isn't it important to protect their free speech as well?"

I try to click "yes," but Blazkowicz is already dead on the floor. And that's Dialogue 3-D.