Ex-Loud Places


Schöne Kurz-Doku von Mathy Tremewan und Fran Broadhurst über drei schon lange geschlossene Clubs: Das Le Rose Bonbon in Paris (Ultravox, The Police, The Cramps), das Quartier Latin in Berlin am Potsi (Nina Hagen, John Cale, New Model Army) und das legendäre Hammersmith Palais in London (everyone). Jede Menge Melancholie zu ex-lauter Musik.

London-based director duo Mathy Tremewan and Fran Broadhurst take a tour around Europe's most iconic defunct music venues. Seminal buildings such as Le Rose Bonbon in Paris and London’s Hammersmith Palais, which played host to legendary acts The Clash, The Rollings Stones and The Sex Pistols, now exist as modern gyms and bourgeois restaurants. Here, ex-punters remember the spaces that helped shape their youths.

Loud Places captures three iconic venues in their current state - venturing inside a restaurant, a gym and a vaudeville theatre to explore the addresses that were once home to live music. Bringing together the performers, promoters and audience members that once made these places their sonic homes, we seek to reawaken the walls that once housed noise across London, Paris and Berlin.