Radio-Hackers hijack Broadcasts to play „Fuck Donald Trump“


Letzte Woche bloggte ich über ein paar Piraten-Sender, die den (eher mauen) HipHop-Track „Fuck Donald Trump“ 24 Stunden lang in einem Loop spielen. Währenddessen werden im ganzen Land Radioübertragungen gehackt und mit dem Track unterbrochen, zuletzt WFBS-LPFM Salem mit rund 10 Millionen Zuhörern in South Carolina. Das ganze erinnert natürlich sehr an den 1987er Max-Headroom-TV-Hack, nur halt mit TinyHands und Radio. 💜

Buzzfeed: Someone Keeps Hacking Radio Stations To Play "Fuck Donald Trump"

In a message to fans of Sunny 107.9, President Frank Patterson of the Lake Keowee Broadcasting Group wrote that the station had been hacked. “This is NOT our broadcast!” he wrote on Monday. “We at WFBS do not take political views! The FCC and WFBS are working to fix this situation ASAP.” The station, which covers 10 miles of Salem, South Carolina, was the latest noncommercial radio station to unintentionally broadcast YG’s “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).”

Ars Technica: Radio stations that ignored major vulnerability start playing anti-Trump song.

News of the song's unexpected playback on radio stations began emerging shortly after Trump's inauguration on January 20, and the hack has continued to affect LPFM stations—a type of smaller-radius radio station that began to roll out after the FCC approved the designation in 2000. Over a dozen stations experienced confirmed hacks in recent weeks, with more unconfirmed reports trickling in across the nation. Thus far, the stations' commonality isn't the states of operation or music formats; it's the transmitter.

Specifically, hackers have targeted products in the Barix Exstreamer line, which can decode many audio file formats and send them along for LPFM transmission.