Sid Meiers Civilization on a C64


Fabian Hertel hat Civilization auf den C64 portiert, ein erstes spielbares Demo gibt's hier und in der C64 Database. Der erste Scene-Release kommt (selbstverständlich) von meiner alten Band G*P. Geil. (via BoingBoing)

cicicWe all love Civilization. But it had a considerable flaw. It is a game of the 16-Bit era and made it to a Commodore (Amiga), but not to the C64. We cannot tolerate this. With "8 Bit Civilizations" (working title), Fabian Hertel presents an impressive fan remake of the classic for the Commodore 64.


  • The game is playable from the beginning of mankind to the end of time!
  • Classical units are included and work properly, advances can be discovered, and wars can be fought.
  • You can choose one out of 15 tribes or customize your own tribe.
  • There are up to 3 computer controlled tribes
  • Barbarians can be activated
  • Five levels of difficulty
  • Custom game maps can be generated based on selections on land size, shape, and climate