Furby has Debug-Eyes


Als wären Furbys nicht schon gruselig genug: Jeija hat sein Furby über einen versteckten Debug-Mode gehackt und jetzt hat das Teil ein Interface im Auge.

Von der Github-Seite zum gehackten Furby:

furbyMy Furby Connect "Dee-Koh" is safe and has not been harmed in the making of this. There is no need for physical access to the Furby in order to perform these kinds of hacks. This projects aims to reverse engineer / "hack" Furby Connect's Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, graphics and audio format and eventually find a way to execute own code on Furby.

What I have achieved so far

- Understand large parts of Furby's BLE communication protocol
- Open a secret debug menu in Furby's LCD eyes
- Control Furby's actions, antenna color and LCD backlight
- Control Furby's emotions by setting his hungryness, tiredness, wellness etc. levels.
- Get information on Furby's sensor states including the antenna joystick, tickle / pet sensors and accelerometer
- Update Furby with the official update "DLC" files from Hasbro or with my modified versions of those
- Insert own audio content into DLC files