Original 2001er-Emoji als Font đź‘»

Eine Dame namens Monica hat die Original DoCoMo-Emoji von einem 2001er Handy aus Japan abfotografiert und daraus einen Font gebaut. Nice one! (via T3xtm0de)


Last month, my coworker casually told me he still has a 2001 era DoCoMo phone, which is one of the first phones to have emoji (🤓🤓🤓: emoji first appeared in 1999, on DoCoMo phones, and DoCoMo phones alone). So I got ahold of this phone. Which charged, turned on and most importantly, TOTALLY had OG emoji. […]

I then took a 10 hour flight to Europe and, for lack of better things to do while watching every movie that came out this year, I drew every one of those emoji as a sprite. 166 emoji in total, 12x12px each, in one of six colors. […] The reason why I made those SVGs was partly because Captain America: Civil War is unbearably boring, but partly because I wanted to make a font and use it everywhere like an emoji hipster. So then I did.