LPsLPsLPs \\ Abteilung für Krach und ähnlich Lautes


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Ich glaube, jetzt ist der richtige Moment für Krach, neu in meinem Plattenschrank:

DIY-Punk aus Paris erscheint mir angebracht: Mary Bell LP by Mary Bell:

Agaaiin by IT IT ANITA

Oh ja: Wake in Fright by Uniform


FORGET by Xiu Xiu

Mood: Wandering Room by The Parlour Trick

All Of Them Naturals by Uranium Club

Cool noisy Drone-Sound from NY: SUBMISSIONS by Sleeping Giant Glossolalia/SGG Records

Is this Air Liquide? I guess so: Remain Neutral by AIR LQD

Tropical Skin Byrds EP

Breakfast of Failures by The Blind Shake

Fieser LoFi-Punk aus Minneapolis: Stay Alive 12" by Animal Lover

Celebrate Your Worth by The Blind Shake

Relax: Not Even Happiness by Julie Byrne