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Vazrick Nazari hat eine neue Motten-Art nach ihren goldenen Locken nach dem Orange-Typen benannt: A Researcher Turned This Moth Into a Trump: „An insect species native to the Southwest earns an attention-getting moniker for its golden-flaked head.“ (spOnline: Motte trägt nun Namen von Donald Trump.)

Hier der Penis des Tieres:


„Male genitalia of Neopalpa species. […] e–h N. donaldtrumpi sp. n. […] e, f ventral and lateral view of intact genitalia, unmounted, stored in lactic acid (UCRC ENT 461717,
CA: Riverside County) g, h Unrolled genitalia and phallus of the Holotype (UCBME021628; dissection VNZ241). Scale bar 100 μm.“

Now you know the Dick of the Mothman. It's orange!

Aus dem Abstract: „a new species with marked differences in morphology and DNA barcodes from southern California and Baja California Mexico is described as Neopalpa donaldtrumpi sp. n. Adults and genitalia of [the] species are illustrated, new diagnosis for the genus Neopalpa is provided, and its position within Gelechiidae is briefly discussed.“

moth2 moth3 moth4

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