Crappy Robot Sumo-Contest 2016


Nach dem ersten Sumo-Contest für beknackte Robots im Jahr 2014 haben sie vergangenen Sommer in Japan den ersten internationalen Wrestling-Battle für unbrauchbare Bots veranstaltet. Das Video und sein halbes Jahr Verspätung passt zum crappy Konzept. (via PK)

The word Heboi in Japanese means “crappy,” “unperfected,” “poor in quality,” or “poor in ability.” “Hebocon, the robot contest for dummies,” is a robot battle contest for Heboi robots made by Heboi people. All the entrants are people who neither have the technical expertise, determination, nor the focus it takes to build an actual robot. That is why the robots in this contest can barely even move forward, and why they put on stunningly crappy sumo matches.

In the two years since the first Hebocon contest was held in 2014, Hebocon has become a big movement, and has been held in over 25 countries. Check out the highlights of “The Hebocon World Championship 2016,” the first international Hebocon contest, which was held in August 7th, 2016.

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