Art Manifesto made from Art Manifestos


Manifesto ist eine 2015er Installation von Julian Rosefeldt, in der Cate Blanchet 13 verschiedene Kunst-Manifestos nachspielt. Die ursprüngliche Arbeit bestand aus 13 getrennten Projektionen, die parallel auf ausgerichteten Lautsprechern liefen und eine audiovisuelle Artist-Bullshit-Collage bildeten, bestehend aus den Manifesten der „Futurists, Dadaists, Fluxus artists, Suprematists, Situationists, Dogma 95 and other artist groups, and the musings of individual artists, architects, dancers and filmmakers.“

Jetzt haben sie daraus einen linearen Film geschnitten, der Trailer sieht schonmal sehr großartig aus, Manifesto feiert auf dem Sundance in ein paar Tagen Premiere und läuft dann wahrscheinlich in ein paar Programmkinos vor insgesamt zweihundertachtzehn Leuten:

Aus einem Interview mit Dazed:

fakePerhaps there’s a lesson in there about trusting artists, especially at a time when so many loudmouth political leaders hijack our collective attention with mindless rhetoric?

Julian Rosefeldt: Absolutely. And it’s not just Donald Trump. Look at what’s going here in Germany with all this Pegida neo-fascist, populist bullshit, Farage in the U.K., and the ultra-right parties in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. It’s very frightening. Somehow, it’s okay now to say certain things in the streets of Germany that I couldn’t have dreamt about 10 years ago. We have all this loud talking without any substance or intelligence, whereas the authors of those manifestos were all similarly loud and angry, but also brilliantly sharp, intelligent and very poetic. Hopefully, Manifesto can remind people that if you want to say something, you should make sure it’s sharp and intelligent before you open your mouth.

Do these troubled geopolitical times call for new artistic manifestos?

Julian Rosefeldt: There are manifestos written nowadays, but they’re mostly social, political, economic statements and analyses. Artists don’t write manifestos nowadays because their tone is a bit obsolete – this whole subtext of ‘down with…’ and ‘breaking with what has been’. Nowadays, everything has been put down already, so it’s hard to spark a real provocation. Probably the most provocative artist of our time is Russian artist Petr Pavlensky, who nailed his balls to the Red Square in Moscow. That’s real risk-taking; he’s putting his life on the line. But maybe that’s romantic thinking or an antiquated form of protest in a contemporary society where you can have more of an impact by being a heckler.