Resist! Anti-Trump Comic-Tabloid-Newspaper

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1479833405Resist!, eine Zeitung voller politischer Comics von Françoise Mouly, Redakteurin beim New Yorker und ihrer Tochter, Nadja Spiegelman (ja, der Papa ist Art „Maus“ Spiegelman). Das Teil soll während der Amtseinführung von Trump verteilt werden und ist vor allem ein feministischer Protest im Kontext des gleichzeitig stattfindenden Womens March in Washington. Bestellen kann man das Teil theoretisch hier, aber leider verschicken sie nicht international. Sad. Aber okay.


Von FastCoDesign: Resist!: A Comic For The Trump Age:

The tabloid was originally the idea of Gabe Fowler, a Brooklynite who owns a comics bookstore and edits and prints a quarterly comics tabloid named Smoke Signal. Motivated by the results of the election, Fowler reached out to Mouly and asked if she would guest edit an all-female protest edition of Smoke Signal, a project that quickly took on a life of its own.

At the start of the project, Mouly and Spiegelman put out an open call for comics and artwork on the web, then began asking artists they already knew to submit. Soon word had spread, and they were pulling in dozens of submissions every day. They ultimately received more than 1,000 submissions from women around the world from a diverse array of backgrounds, from immigrants to teenagers to Midwesterners, along with people from across the gender and sexuality spectrum, some of whom were not professional artists.

The result is Resist!: 40 pages containing 143 comics, drawings, and other pieces of visual art that are motivated by the election, but also speak to much larger issues like civil rights, immigration, and health care.

Eine Auswahl der gedruckten Artworks gibt's in ihrem Blog, hier ein paar Favorites:

nicole-rifkin_orig americanist-print deb-lucke kristen-radtke-pp christa-cassano_orig gretchen-koch-fears_orig jamaica-dyer valerie-schrag_orig laura-murray-plug_orig ciena-valenzuela-peterson-mexico julie-wilson-teeny-protest-signs-copy_1_orig jazmine-boatman-betrayed_orig sophie-zarders-angeladavis-color-hires_orig katherine-isaacs-bernie

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