Blackest-Black-Dude violates Pinkest-Pink-Dudes ToS with a pigmented Fuckfinger

Wir erinnern uns: Anfang des Jahres 2016 entwickelten Surrey Nano Systems das schwärzeste Schwarz aller Zeiten – Vantablack. Dann hatte der Künstler Vanish Kapoor das Zeug exklusiv lizensiert und schließlich hatte der Schöpfer des pinkesten Pinks den Exklusivnutzer des schwärzesten Schwarz per Terms of Service von der Nutzung seines Pigments ausgeschlossen.

Und nun hat Amish Kapoor seine schwärzesten Schwarzgriffel doch irgendwie an das pinkeste Pink bekommen und einen sehr rosafarbenen Fickfinger auf seine Instagrams gepostet:


Pinkest-Pink-Master is not ammused: Anish Kapoor Instagrams Surly Holiday Message to the Artist Who’s Trolling Him.

Kapoor or one of his agents has, it’s worth noting, violated the terms of service put forth on Semple’s website, and Semple isn’t happy. He expressed his deep concern over the situation in an email to artnet News:

We are all extremely disappointed to see that Anish Kapoor has illegally acquired the world’s pinkest pink. He’s walked into this paint war with a gesture that cannot be misconstrued. He’s given the art community a bright pink middle finger. He is still very much at large. Not only has he refused to share the black, he’s now stolen our pink. Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of who has purchased this on Anish Kapoor’s behalf and broken their contractual agreement with, and we will instruct our lawyers to take appropriate action against such breaches. We are pleased to note that he has not managed to get his hands on the World’s Glitteriest Glitter—yet—and we urge purchasers not to share the product with Kapoor or his associates.