Antony Hegartys Song for Chelsea Manning

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Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons) hat unter ihrem Pseudonym Anohni einen Song aufgenommen als Bitte an Obama, Chelsea Manning endlich freizulassen: „She poses no threat.“

Condemned under Obama's administration to 35 years for blowing the whistle on US war crimes, America's number one political prisoner is a transgendered former soldier who sits in solitary confinement after leaking video footage of US drone execution of a Reuters journalist.

Die Petition für die Freilassung Mannings ans Weiße Haus hatte ich vor ein paar Tagen unterschrieben and you should, too.

OBAMA, I voted for you. I campaigned for you across Europe.
Like thousands of others, in the newspapers and on TV, I told European press that you were a feminist, a kind and reasonable man, a just and fair man, that you would restore our country's dignity.

OBAMA, Please let Chelsea Manning out of prison.
Recognize her tremendous sacrifice, and her vulnerability.
With Trump incoming, if you leave Chelsea in prison,
she will never see the light of day, or worse.

If you leave Chelsea Manning in prison for whistle blowing
You send the final message to our nation
that the Obama administration brutally punished moral courage
in these unforgiving United States.

She has suffered Enough, President Obama.
She poses no threat.

Show us the heart of the Obama administration now.

The election is over.
There is no political advantage left in allowing Chelsea to perish in prison.

Have mercy on her, Obama,
friend of the trans community:
I implore you to Free Chelsea Manning.

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