2016 in Review

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2016 in Memes

Das NYMag mit einer Meme für jeden Tag des Jahres: The Year in Memes. Dozens of large and highly productive…

Pirating the Oscars 2016

Andy Baio hat seine jährliche P2P-Analyse der oscarnominierten Filme veröffentlicht: A group named Hive-CM8 released an incredible 15 screeners in…

Catmonkey licking a Banana

2016 is the year of the monkey in chinese calendars. So, here's a Cat dressed as a Monkey licking a…

2016 = 666+666+666+6+6+6

Year of the Beast. Ha! (Danke Tobias!)

2016 is a ▲

„2016 is a triangular number (an equilateral triangle 63 units at the base will have 2016 objects)“. Plus: The 2016-Triangle…