Homer Simpson gezeichnet mit dem Problem des Handlungsreisenden

Jack Morris hat einen Algorithmus programmiert, der ihm Vektorgrafiken und Simpsons in Punktierungen umwandelt und auf diese dann das Problem des Handlungsreisenden anwendet. Nice!

Traveling Salesman Problem appears in some form in astronomical observation, DNA sequencing, and many other applications besides road-trip planning. My goal with this project was to create Traveling Salesman Art. It turns out that an interesting result is obtained from the following:

1. Start with an interesting image with distinct regions.
2. Put down some dots that look like that image.
3. Treat these dots as “cities” and solve the TSP as closely as possible.

More visually, steps 1-3 look like this:


Here are some images I generated using my Traveling Salesman Art implementation: