Gomix – Code-Remix-Environment for building Bots and Web-Apps

07.12.2016 Tech #Coding

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FogBugz, die Macher von Stack Overflow und Trello, haben eine neue Coding-Plattform online gestellt: „Gomix is the easiest way to build the app or bot of your dreams. With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment - anybody can build a web app on Gomix, for free.“ Klingt alles extrem interessant, grade für 'nen Mittelnoob wie mich (ich kenne weit mehr als Basics und Grundlagen, dafür kann ich keine wirkliche moderne Programmiersprache außer ein paar Brocken PHP und Python). Schau ich mir demnächst genauer an.

Start by remixing: You never have to start from a blank slate. Remix a full, working app to personalize it for your needs, or build on the most popular and powerful developer frameworks to create your app.

Real collaboration: You don’t have to deal with the complexity of version control or tracking changes — the built-in editor allows multiple people to edit code at once and undo mistakes as they happen, just like working together in Google Docs.

It's not training wheels: Gomix is not a limited "toy" version of a real developer environment — your Gomix app is hosted on the exact same industry standard infrastructure that the best developers use to run their apps.

We handle the mess: While you work with Gomix, we seamlessly upgrade your servers and cloud infrastructure in the background. There’s no deployment or server provisioning because it all happens automatically.