Das Anthropozän wiegt 30 Billionen Tonnen

Wissenschaftler haben ausgerechnet, wieviel das Anthropozän wiegt, also alles, was der Mensch auf der Erde bislang so fabriziert hat „including houses, factories, farms, mines, roads, airports and shipping ports, computer systems, [and] discarded waste“. Insgesamt hat der Mensch rund 30 Billionen Tonnen Zeugs produziert, mehr als 50 Kilo Masse pro Quadratmeter Erdoberfläche. Hier das Paper: Scale and diversity of the physical technosphere: A geological perspective, Snip aus dem Abstract:

Preliminary estimates suggest a technosphere mass of approximately 30 trillion tonnes (Tt), which helps support a human biomass that, despite recent growth, is ~5 orders of magnitude smaller. The physical technosphere includes a large, rapidly growing diversity of complex objects that are potential trace fossils or ‘technofossils’. If assessed on palaeontological criteria, technofossil diversity already exceeds known estimates of biological diversity as measured by richness, far exceeds recognized fossil diversity, and may exceed total biological diversity through Earth’s history. The rapid transformation of much of Earth’s surface mass into the technosphere and its myriad components underscores the novelty of the current planetary transformation.

Ars Technica: The “technosphere” now weighs 30 trillion tons