Lasergeschnitzte Papier-Mikroben


Rogan Brown laserschnippselt dreidimensionale Mikroben aus soundsoviel Papier-Layern. Das Bild oben ist seine neueste Arbeit, Control X, Papier-Bakterien under the dome. So ein bisschen wie ein Mashup aus Crichtons Andromeda Strain und Kings Under the Dome, nur aus Papier. (via strictlypaper)

“Control X” presents a variety of microbiological organisms separated and contained inside an array of transparent domes. One of the domes has been breached and from it spills a swirling mass of bacteria. On a simple level this sculpture plays with our fear of scientific research. Public attitudes to science are strikingly bipolar, on the one hand we see it as the motor of human progress potentially solving all our problems and advancing and enhancing us as a species; on the other we see the terrible effects that science can wreak upon our world: nuclear and biological weapons, pollution, climate change, environmental devastation.. This piece therefore contains a warning, that we have to beware our own hubris and perhaps accept that we can never be fully in control of nature, something always escapes us, exceeds us...