Links 01.12.16: Biased News, Slavoj Žižek über das Versagen der Linken und ein Aussteiger aus 8/pol/

Interessantes Reddit-AMA: Ich bin ein Aussteiger aus der rechten Online Szene und habe an Propagandaprojekten wie "With Open Gates" mitgewirkt. Fragt mich alles was ihr zu deren Strukturen wissen wollt!

The_Donals ist 8/pol/'s Meisterwerk, es geht darum solange eine Meinung als ironisch zu posten, bis diese Status-Quo wird.

The_donald wirkt zwar wie Satiere, aber die Poster dort sind wirklich vom Donald überzeugt. Die subversiven Methoden sollen Außenstehende dazu veranlassen alles nicht ernst zu nehmen. Die Medien sind drauf reingefallen und nun ist Trump Präsident.

Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism: „'Behind every rise of fascism is a failed revolution', said the Frankfurt School thinker Walter Benjamin. Here, Slavoj Žižek revives that statement in the context of the failed left.“

Yes: Fake News Is Not the Only Problem – Bias, propaganda, and deliberately misleading information are much more prevalent and do more damage.

Biased information — misleading in nature, typically used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view — is a much more prevalent problem than fake news. It’s a problem that doesn’t exist only within Facebook but across social networks and other information-rich services (Google, YouTube, etc.). […]

With increased political polarization, amplified by homophily — our preference to connect to people like us — and algorithmic recommender systems, we’re effectively constructing our own realities. […]

This dynamic unfolds continuously, especially around political events, helping us construct our own realities and reinforce our existing beliefs. And the pace at which content cascades through the network is staggering. Even with tools that give journalists the ability to “find content that’s about to trend,” in many cases it is already too late. […]

If our collective goals include increasing trust in institutions and supporting an informed public, there is a lot of work to be done, and not only by Facebook. A number of actors, including publishers, social networks, content distributors, and forums, are all important in this space.

Ach Reddit ey: Reddit cracks down on abuse as CEO apologizes for trolling the trolls.

Last week, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, who goes by the handle Spez, secretly edited users’ comments in the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald from “fuck u/spez” to say fuck the moderators of that subreddit. Using his editing privileges as an engineer at the company, he was able to change the comments without leaving a trace, framing the trolls who insulted him as having insulted the leaders of their own sub-community. The move could be viewed as censorship, or simply a childish, gross abuse of his power.