Eli „Filterbubbles“ Parisers Design Solutions for Fake News

Eli Pariser, der vor fünf Jahren den Begriff der „Filterbubble“ erfand, hat ein kollaboratives Google-Doc mit Design Solutions for Fake News angelegt, das seit einer Woche hart vollgeschrieben wird. Ich hab' mir das Dokument noch nicht im Detail angesehen, dürfte aber die „Fake News“-Debatte recht umfangreich abbilden.

As we leave the former world of broadcast services where the considerations of propaganda were far better understood; to more modern services that serve not millions, but billions of humans across the planet, the principles we forged as communities seem to need to be re-established. We have the presidents of Humans Rights, but do not know how to apply them in a world where the ‘choice of law’ for the websites we use to communicate, may deem us to be alien. So what are our principle, what are our shared values? And how to we build a ‘web we want’ that makes our world a better place both now, and into the future.