█ Blackout █ Generative Censorship-Poetry


█ Blackout █ ist Liza Dalys Beitrag zum NaNoGenMo 2016 (National Novel Generation Month, das AlgoPoetry-Äquivalent zum NaNoWriMo), ein Algorithmus für automatisierte Newspaper Blackouts. (via Procedural Generation)


Blackout does the following:

1. Take, as input, an image of text, from a newspaper or book.
2. Run OCR against the image, identifying the words and their bounding boxes.
3. Feed the extracted text into a natural language parser, categorizing each part of speech.
4. Given one of many randomly selected Tracery grammars, select words from the current page that match the parts of speech of that grammar.
5. Draw around those words and "scribble" out all other text on the page image.
6. Output the final page as a new image.

Pen width, line length, line direction, number of strokes, and stroke opacity are all randomly fuzzed. The pen color is always black, except in rare cases it is blood red.