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/r/The_Meltdown sammelt die sichtlich nervöser werdenden Äußerungen der Trolle und Hosenscheißer und Alt-Right (nicht nur) auf /pol/. Ist natürlich 4chan und einiges davon dürfte Trolling sein, trotzdem: Best night ever! MAGA! (via Boing Boing)

failpepeI work in an office that loves right wing conspiracies. So far the following has happened:

- Man talks about how his wife "betrayed him" because she voted for Clinton (update: He just asked if he can divorce his wife over how she voted)
- Man is afraid of the well being of his unborn child because Hillary will "enforce mandatory abortions"
- Trump will win if "n***ers stay the hell home"
- "I bought enough food to last through Shillary's nuclear war."
- "The moral fabric of our society is being torn asunder."
- "I don't know which news to watch to see if Trump wins."

Anyone else having a great day?

[update 04:16 Uhr]

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[update 12:01 Uhr]

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