Every Black Mirror-Episode, ranked

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Hervorragendes Ranking aller Black Mirror-Folgen von Clickhole-Schreiber Brian Boone, dem ich noch ein „All the Smart-Lenses turn into Googly Eyes, everybody goes apeshit“ hinzufügen möchte. (via Sascha)

bmHier ein paar Favs aus der Liste:

17. A guy eats an entire Sega Genesis. […]

12. Twitter, but, like, in real life. […]

8. On the same day, several seemingly unconnected people from different walks of life all lose their phones and they can’t even. […]

6. A car’s navigational system breaks down and a family must find their way home with a folded-up paper map they find in the glovebox. They do so in a reasonable period of time. Everything works out fine.

5. A man does not like his brain implant, but then, over time, he comes to enjoy its myriad benefits. It is the future.

4. A man uses a cheating website to arrange an extramarital affair, but when he goes to meet the woman who answered his ad, it turns out to be his wife. It’s just like in “The Piña Colada” song, which plays over the credits. Also, they were sex robots the whole time.

3. A brain implant gets a brain implant.

2. The prime minister of England fucks a pig on TV again, but this time it’s because he wants to, not because anybody is telling him.

1. After watching an episode of a science-fiction anthology series in which a married couple die and upload their consciousness to a virtual afterlife, a married couple discuss what kind of afterlife they would upload their consciousnesses to, never realizing that they already did do that, like, 50 years earlier. They have this conversation multiple times, implying that this is what they spend their afterlife doing. It is the future.

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