BBC plays National Anthem in honor of Brexit

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bbcThis. Is. Brillant.

Gestern hatte der konservative britische Abgeordnete Andrew Rosindell gefordert, die BBC möge doch zu Ehren des Brexit (!) zum Ende ihres Programms jeden Tag die Nationalhymne spielen. Was Rechtsschwinger-Nationalisten halt so fordern.

A Conservative MP is calling for BBC 1 to restore the tradition of playing the national anthem at the end of each day’s programmes, in honour of Brexit. […]

His motion reads: That this House calls upon the British Broadcasting Corporation to restore the British National Anthem on BBC1 at the end of each day’s programming, before the switch over to BBC News 24; regrets the decision on the 3rd October 1997 to play God Save The Queen on BBC1 for the last time; and believes that this proud British tradition should be reinstated before the end of 2016, in honor of Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday.

BBC was „incredibly happy to oblige“:

Brillant. Just brillant. 1a Trolling. Punks not dead.

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