MIT entwickelt Bombendetektor-Spinat

what-is-spinachDas MIT hat Spinat entwickelt, der welkt, wenn er explosives Material mit seiner Wurzel aufnimmt. Nicht lachen, die Lage ist ernst. Snip vom Guardian: Bomb-detecting spinach – the new weapon against terrorist plots.

Name: Bomb-detecting spinach.

Age: The cutting edge of military technology.

Appearance: It looks like spinach.

Hey, this sounds like an Eddie Izzard routine. Well, it isn’t. It’s the endpoint of an extensive biotechnology project at MIT that could potentially alter the course of the war on terror.

Are you sure? What’s next, bees with machine guns? No, this involves research published in the respected science journal Nature Materials, detailing mankind’s quest to harness biological material as an enhanced environmental monitor, and there is no place for your tired whimsy here.

Hier das Paper bei Nature: Nitroaromatic detection and infraredcommunication from wild-type plants usingplant nanobionics.