Ash Dancer: Ein vibrierendes Skelett aus Graphit


Schicke Arbeit von Agelio Batle, ein knöcherner Riesenbleistift in Form eines Skeletts, das auf einer vibrierenden Papierunterlage rumschubbert und abstrakte Muster zeichnet. Wahrscheinlich irgendwas mit „Abstraktion der Vergänglichkeit durch sich selbst verzehrendes Graphit als Memento Mori“ oder so, ich mag aber viel lieber meine trashige Pulp-Assoziation „Bleistift des Todes“ weil geiler find ich. (via Colossal)

Like a pencil, the graphite skeleton draws impressions of itself, on a specially constructed, high-frequency vibrating table. With its flat surface covered in Vellum paper, direct impressions of a “figure” are made, as the shaking bone’s edges mark the white paper. Consequently, the bones slowly become consumed in the process and will eventually disappear. These large drawings, each unique, will be continuously generated throughout the life of the skeleton, until it erodes away completely.

For Ash Dancer, its graphite has made a long journey. First, exhumed from a deep, millionyear hibernation, it is incarnated briefly into a skeleton body. Through its eroding dance, it will perish once again, while simultaneously resurrecting its body through the resulting “figure” drawings.